Aboriginal Community Investment

Husky focuses on building and maintaining relationships in communities where it operates, directing support to economic and educational opportunities that meet a business objective.

Aboriginal Community Investment Guidelines


Husky responds to the needs of Aboriginal communities on an individual basis, in areas where it operates. Funding priorities include initiatives that promote education, health and strong communities.

How to Apply

While every effort is made to review applications in a timely manner, the process takes several months.

  1. Review the investment areas and ensure the request provides benefits to one of the communities where Husky operates.
  2. Review the funding guidelines to ensure the request matches funding criteria.
  3. Complete the online application form and submit.
  4. A confirmation email will be sent when the application is received.

Application Checklist

Please include the following information with the application:

  • Legal name of organization, contact information, including email and phone number, primary contact person and registered charity number
  • List of board of directors, if applicable
  • A brief statement of organizationís history, goals and accomplishments
  • Type of request (financial donation, sponsorship, in-kind donation)
  • Title of specific event/initiative/program, and/or focus of organization
  • Who the event/initiative/program will benefit and how - measurable objectives and deliverables
  • Amount requested and how it will be used
  • Proposed budget and anticipated expenses
  • How much funding has been raised to date and include a list of committed or approached donors, including government sources of funding
  • Previous funding received from Husky
  • Note how the event/initiative/program will be promoted/leveraged and how Husky will receive recognition
  • If applicable, indicate Aboriginal community affiliation