Sunrise Technology

Sunrise will use an in-situ recovery technology called steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD), which is similar to conventional drilling with minimal surface land disturbance. Steam injection heats and mobilizes the bitumen, allowing it to be pumped to the surface more easily. Click here to view the Husky Energy SAGD production technology animation (length 1:16 min. 6.47MB file).


Technology Guides Well Optimization

Sunrise is a world-class oil sands resource. On average, bitumen pay thickness is 40 metres with 74 percent bitumen saturation.

Subsurface research and exploration gives Sunrise one of the most comprehensive industry data sets and information regarding reservoir description. Substantial subsurface field work included delineation wells, 3-D seismic, core analysis, log analysis, geological modeling, reservoir modeling, production forecasting, and comparisons to industry analogues from the neighbouring Firebag and Mackay river leases. This collection of information is critical to optimize the well placement for recovery of the resource, while enabling the most efficient use of the land and maximum energy efficiency.


Sunrise Energy Project Brochure
Sunrise Energy Project Brochure
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