First Nations and other key stakeholders are actively engaged in consultations around the development and operation of Sunrise to promote best practices in all aspects of resource recovery. Cooperation agreements outline how Husky and Aboriginal communities involved in the project work together.

Consultation is carried out through numerous forums including open houses, community events, newsletters and regular meetings with stakeholder groups and Aboriginal advisory committees. Project issues and information received from external stakeholders are recorded in detail and tracked. This results in continuous collaboration with stakeholders and industry participants on development, regional infrastructure and other emerging issues.

As the project proceeds, Husky will be working to facilitate business and economic benefits for local and Aboriginal groups.


Economic Benefits

With the third-largest reserves in the world, Canada's oil sands provide a significant and secure source of oil to enhance energy security. In addition to energy security benefits, the development of Canada's oil sands offers wide-reaching economic benefits.

Phase 1 development of the Sunrise Energy Project will create approximately 1,600 direct jobs in Alberta for construction and an additional 300 jobs for operations once all phases are complete. It will generate, in 2010 dollars, an estimated $40 billion in royalties, $6 billion in corporate income tax to Alberta and $8 billion in corporate income taxes to the federal government. Procurement of goods and services will be sourced from across Canada and numerous regions around the world.

Joint investment at Sunrise and the Toledo refinery is estimated at more than $10 billion for the total development a significant boost to the economies of both regions.

Sunrise Energy Project Brochure
Sunrise Energy Project Brochure
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