Asphalt Refinery

Husky has been paving roads across North America for more than 70 years and is one of the largest asphalt producers in Western Canada. The Lloydminster, Alberta facility refines and markets a wide range of quality asphalt and paving products in Western Canada, Ontario, Quebec and the U.S.

The refinery produces more than 30 different types and grades of road asphalt, ranging from dust-abatement road oils to highway-grade asphalt.

The refinery processes heavy crude oil into other specialty products including a distillate stream used by the Lloydminster Upgrader and a condensate stream blended with heavy oil production. Locomotive distillate is sent to the Upgrader and processed into low-sulphur diesel.

Husky's asphalt processing and marketing activities play an important role in adding value to its heavy crude oil production.

Asphalt Marketing

Husky's high-quality asphalt is sold and shipped to customers across North America.

Contact information:

Phone: (403)-ASPHALT (277-4258)
Fax: (403) 298-6161

Pounder Emulsions, a division of Husky, has been supplying the road construction and maintenance industry in Western Canada with economical, versatile and environmentally-compatible asphalt emulsions since 1948. The division sells more than 30 different types of emulsified products, as well as a line of specialty road products and services.

Pounder Emulsions has manufacturing plants in Kamloops, British Columbia; Edmonton and Lethbridge, Alberta; Lloydminster, Saskatoon and Yorkton, Saskatchewan and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Contact information:

Phone: (306) 934-1500
Fax: (306) 934-2052

Asphalt Production

Husky has high-quality, innovative products, a strong customer focus, low-cost operations and environmental compatibility. The shift in demand towards improved performance specification products provides Husky with an advantage due to its premium-quality products and use of modification processes and additives such as polymers, which increase the life cycle of projects.

Husky maintains its leadership in product development through a research alliance with the University of Calgary.