Husky's Downstream operations target three primary objectives: increasing feedstock flexibility to bring the best-priced crude to the Company's refineries, improving flexibility in the range of its products to capitalize on opportunities and enhancing market access to achieve the best returns.

The Company's focused integration strategy helps to capture refined product pricing for its Western Canada heavy oil, bitumen and light oil production and assists in mitigating market volatility.

Downstream operations include commodity marketing, pipeline transportation and storage, upgrading and refining crude oil and marketing gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, asphalt, ethanol and related products in Canada and the United States.

Husky has an upgrader in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, an asphalt refinery in Lloydminster, Alberta, ethanol plants in Minnedosa, Manitoba and Lloydminster, Saskatchewan and refineries in Prince George, B.C. and Lima, Ohio. It also has a 50 percent ownership interest in a refinery in Toledo, Ohio.