Husky is Western Canada's largest manufacturer of asphalt, which is produced from heavy oil at Husky's Lloydminster asphalt refinery.

Primarily used for road paving and building products, the high-quality asphalt is sold to customers across North America, with performance-grade products shipped to destinations as far as New York and Texas.

The asphalt refinery operates year-round and supplies 24-hour service. The refinery produces about 50 specifically engineered products and is located within an integrated infrastructure that includes:

  • 1.2 million barrels of asphalt storage capacity
  • Links to Husky's crude oil pipeline system
  • A dedicated rail fleet of more than 350 rail cars
  • Transportation connections with trucking and rail transport industries

Crude Oil

Crude oil is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons that are refined to produce gasoline, diesel fuel and heating oil. Crude oil is the raw material used in many chemical products, including solvents, pesticides, and plastics.

Crude Oil Marketing

Husky is one of the top producers and marketers of crude oil in Canada. Its experienced professionals focus on trading and logistics activities in areas including Western Canada, the Atlantic Region, the U.S. Midwest and South East Asia.

Husky is open to a broad spectrum of crude oil marketing arrangements, deals with a variety of customers and provides transportation, storage and various pricing options to third-party producers and end-user customers.

Supply Requirements

Crude Oil Marketing provides feedstock for Husky's facilities in Canada, where crude oil is refined or processed into synthetic crude, asphalt and/or refined products. Crude Oil Marketing supplies Canadian, foreign and U.S. domestic crude oil as feedstock to Husky's Lima Refinery in Ohio. This feedstock is supplied through a combination of internal production and direct purchases of crude oil from independent producers.

Dried Distillers Grain with Solubles

A valuable co-product of Husky's ethanol plants is a high-protein feed supplement called Dried Distillers Grain with Solubles (DDGS). DDGS does not contain any animal byproducts and is marketed to the livestock industry. Husky's two ethanol plants produce more than 260,000 tonnes of DDGS annually.


Husky fuels are marketed through retail outlets, travel centres and bulk distributors from Vancouver Island to Ontario.

Husky retail stations sell regular unleaded gasoline and "Mother Nature's Fuel" – ethanol blended gasoline. Ethanol blends are available at most Husky retail outlets. All grades of Husky gasoline and ethanol-blended gasoline contain a deposit-control additive package formulated to meet all of the requirements set out by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


Ethanol, also known as ethyl alcohol or grain alcohol, is made from wheat and/or corn by converting the carbohydrate (starch) portion of grain into sugar. A fermentation process is used to convert sugar into ethanol.

Husky's "Mother Nature's Fuel" is a formulation of gasoline containing up to 10 percent ethanol by volume. This is the most common form of ethanol-blended fuel and is covered under warranty by every automobile manufacturer. Ethanol is a renewable, clean-burning fuel that contains oxygen. Adding oxygen to fuel results in more complete fuel combustion, which can reduce harmful tailpipe emissions. Another benefit of ethanol is that it acts as a natural gas-line antifreeze in winter.


Husky distributes Chevron-branded lubricants for passenger cars and commercial vehicles as well as the resource and industrial sectors. Chevron lubricants have broad performance advantages over competing products. Husky carries a full line of high-performance lubricants and greases to service most industrial requirements.

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Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs)

NGLs consist of propane, butanes, pentanes, natural gasoline and condensate recovered from natural gas at field facilities or at gas processing plants. These are fractionated into various components for market sale.

NGL Marketing

Through a combination of proprietary assets and third-party processing arrangements, Husky recovers NGLs from natural gas streams throughout Alberta and British Columbia. The Company maximizes value for NGL marketing by providing high-quality supply and reliable service to customers.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is a hydrocarbon gas, principally methane. It is a clean-burning fuel used for home heating, and industrial heating and power. Natural gas is used in the manufacturing of organic compounds found in many common household products and building materials.

Marketing Activities

Husky manages proprietary sales, internal consumption requirements, third-party purchases, transportation and supply management for customers, pricing requests from end-users, gas storage and NGL shrinkage contracts.

Natural Gas Storage

Husky's storage services allow customers to capitalize on daily and seasonal price fluctuations. Services are structured to meet each customer's parking, loan, seasonal, peaking and long-term requirements.

Husky owns, manages and operates two natural gas storage facilities in Western Canada: Hussar (Alberta) and East Cantaur (Saskatchewan), and contracted capacity in Western Canada.

  • Hussar
    Located in Southern Alberta, this facility is connected to the NOVA pipeline system (TransCanada–Alberta) and provides access to all major export points and intra-Alberta markets.

  • East Cantaur
    Located at East Cantaur, this facility is connected to the TransGas pipeline system and connected to the TransCanada mainline to Eastern Canada.

Petroleum Coke

Husky is focused on growing domestic accounts and developing new markets in the calcining industry.


Petroleum coke is a solid, hard, black residue material that remains after heavy residual oil fractions are cracked to produce lighter hydrocarbons. All of Husky's petroleum coke is a co-product of the upgrading operation at the Lloydminster Upgrader.


Coke is transported by truck and railcar to North American markets, and by railcar to Prince Rupert, B.C. for shipment overseas. In the domestic market, petroleum coke is used by the cement, lime, power generation and aluminium industries.


Sulphur is a byproduct of processing sour natural gas and crude oil. The term "sour," as applied to gas and oil, refers to hydrogen sulphide (H2S). Sulphur is produced when the sour portion of natural gas and crude oil, H2S, is recovered and converted into elemental sulphur.

Husky is a major producer of recovered sulphur and one of the largest traders of elemental sulphur on world markets. Domestic and international customers use liquid and formed sulphur primarily in fertilizer production, mining applications and the production of various chemicals.

Husky produces sulphur at a number of gas plants in Alberta and British Columbia, as well as its upgrader at Lloydminster, Saskatchewan and its refinery in Lima, Ohio. It markets its proprietary sulphur production, as well as third-party production, directly to customers in North America and internationally.