Damage Prevention

Excavation and Installations

Never assume the location or the depth of a pipeline. Pipeline markers indicate the general location, not how deep a pipeline is buried or how many lines are underground.

Federal and provincial regulations require anyone planning to excavate near a pipeline right-of-way to first call the appropriate provincial One-Call toll-free number. The call should be made at least three days before any excavation work is planned.

The One-Call operator notifies all utilities - including the owner of the pipeline - of the excavation location and any underground utilities are marked above ground, free of charge.

Husky must be notified of any planned excavation near its right-of-way and a representative must be on-site to supervise.

For any installations across a Husky right-of-way, written permission from the Company is required. Written permission could take up to 10 business days.

Crossing Pipelines with Agricultural Vehicles and Equipment

Operating agricultural vehicles and equipment across Husky pipeline right-of-ways is permitted for the purposes of normal farming operations, such as plowing, cultivation, planting and harvesting. If equipment falls outside normal farming operations, Husky must be contacted to determine whether it can safely cross the right-of-way.




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