Water Stewardship

Husky continues to undertake efforts to conserve and recycle water.

The Environmental Performance Reporting System enables the Company to track water usage trends with improved efficiency, accuracy and frequency. This information aids Husky in identifying and prioritizing opportunities for water-use reduction and recycling in its operations.

In Alberta, the provincial government enforces water protection through the Environmental Protection and Enhancements Act and the Water Act. Regional groundwater management frameworks provide a means to evaluate the quality and quantity of non-saline groundwater in specific regions and to determine sustainable management strategies for future development while ensuring resource protection.

Husky works with a number of watershed management groups in Western Canada and is involved in the Petroleum Technology Alliance of Canada Water Innovation Planning Committee. This group consists of industry peers, government and regulators, who collaborate to examine water treatment and reuse strategies.

Water Flood

Many of Husky's operation sites are pursuing site-specific non-saline water reduction initiatives. At the waterflood EOR project in Wainwright, Alberta, all produced water from the project is re-injected. A large portion (70 to 80 percent) of the required make-up water is obtained from produced water sources (from other operators and other Husky projects) that otherwise would have been injected into disposal wells.

Drilling Operations

Enhanced fluid management techniques that reduce overall water use have been implemented at projects where drilling occurs in a concentrated area. Fluids are contained onsite, dewatered and conditioned for re-use throughout the entire drilling program.

Alternatives to Water Use

To minimize the use of non-saline water for production, Husky reviews alternatives to the use of water, factoring in environmental, technical and economic feasibility. It endeavors to use saline water for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations.

Husky continues to evaluate and implement various technologies to reduce fresh water consumption or to increase the efficiency of water used in conventional EOR. These include various commercial and pilot projects.


Community Report 2015
Community Report 2015