IID Expands Offerings to Include Security Information Sharing

TACOMA, WA--(Marketwired - Jul 25, 2013) - IID, making the Internet safe through shared intelligence, today announced it is expanding its offerings to include security information sharing -- a collective threat intelligence solution for aggregating, filtering and sharing actionable data from thousands of contributing sources. Shared intelligence has been highlighted by the world's leading security organizations as key to protecting assets, brands and users, but until now has been a manual process isolated to industry and peer groups. IID is working with select brands to automate the collection and dispersion of that collective intelligence, freeing valuable human resources while increasing speed and accuracy of cybersecurity efforts for enterprises and governments.

For more than a decade, IID has mitigated Internet threats by leveraging the intelligence it gathers through relationships with Fortune 500 companies, governance and guidance organizations, law enforcement, and service providers. IID is now working to replace the industry's standard one-to-one manual sharing process with widespread, automated intelligence collaboration.

"As threats have grown exponentially over the years, what we have learned is that whack-a-mole responses quickly eat up resources while failing to anticipate the latest breaches," said IID CEO Lars Harvey. "The only way to truly secure the Internet is with collaboration on a large scale -- and that requires automation."

Analysts Anton Chuvakin and Dan Blum of Gartner, Inc. -- the world's leading information technology research and advisory company -- recently addressed the need for threat intelligence in the report Information Sharing as an Industry Imperative to Improve Security1. "Security-data-sharing tools and practices are gaining mind share," noted Chuvakin and Blum. "Increasingly, enterprises are realizing that they must break with insular 'every one for themselves' mindsets and band together to confront escalating threats."

IID has found that cybercriminals today are actually sharing information among each other much more effectively than legitimate businesses and governments. Although some very limited security information-sharing groups have emerged for legitimate organizations, these groups are typically confined to very tight industry and peer circles and/or ad-hoc email communication lists. These groups lack the large-scale structured collaboration needed to combat today's constantly evolving, highly organized cybercrime networks.

"For the most part, the 'good guys' are operating in their own silos," said IID President and CTO Rod Rasmussen. "They are keeping up on the latest attack methods, but often the information they are obtaining a) is not actionable b) is not timely and c) takes substantial human capital to obtain."

History of Collaborating
IID was founded in 1996 to fulfill the need for managing personal and corporate identities on the Internet. Early on, the founders learned that bad guys were registering domains and creating bogus sites. In fact, IID discovered and disabled one of the first phishing attacks against AOL (long before phishing became such a publicized problem). IID quickly established itself as one of the first phishing takedown companies and a leader in the financial services arena through its persnicketiness and ability to make connections with key Internet infrastructure and law enforcement organizations worldwide.

A sneak peek at IID's information sharing solution can be found at www.internetidentity.com/activetrust-network.

About IID
IID empowers threat intelligence sharing for enterprises and governments in a trusted environment that reaches beyond limited trust groups. The company aggregates and analyzes widely sourced threat data, and delivers actionable intelligence to facilitate the protection of assets, brands and users. Top financial firms, the largest government agencies, and leading eCommerce companies, social networks and ISPs leverage IID to detect and mitigate threats. For more information about IID, go to www.internetidentity.com.

1 Gartner, Inc.., Information Sharing as an Industry Imperative to Improve Security, Anton Chuvakin and Dan Blum June 17, 2013.

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